"There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." ~John Ruskin
10/20/2013 Weather station is up and running again. Too bad I missed recording the storms of late September.
9/20/2013 Sorry, it's been a long time since I posted anything here. My weather station will be down for a few weeks while it gets repaired. The rain gauge stopped recording rainfall. Hopefully I should be back online in about three weeks (early-mid October).

It's with a heavy heart that I have added a new page to my web site: Mazama. I had to put my dog Mazama down on August 20. This past year has been a slow and steady decline for him, and the last couple of days he wasn't even able to stand up. He's been a good dog and a good friend for over 15 years, I will miss him.
Mazama's full name was Mazama Popcornicus. Why Popcornicus you ask? When he was much younger I noticed that his feet smelled like popcorn. I thought this was really cool and unusual, although I've since learned it's fairly common and is caused by a certain bacteria. (Really, look it up!) And I'll ignore the fact that you're asking what I was doing smelling his feet. But at the time, Halli was working for a veterinarian. So one year at their Christmas party I asked some of the vets why his feet smelled like that. Everyone laughed, but I think Halli was mortified that I asked such a question. But from that point on Popcornicus was his last name.
He also had a few other nicknames over the years. Mazama-lama-ding-dong was popular, as well as "M" Dog, Boy dog (to distinguish from Nikkia who was the girl dog, although we never called her that), and Zama. But other than his real name, by far his most common name was Mazooie, or Mazoo for short.


Happy mid-July. Some interesting summer statistics here, especially in light of a good chunk of the country baking in a heat wave. I've only got data for the past ten summers here at my location. But over those ten years, here are some interesting numbers. All data is through July 17 of each year.

Lowest Number of days29 (this year and 2010)12 (2005 and 2010)3 (2001, 2004, 2007, 2010)
Average number of days46.220.64.2
This year (2011)2960

It certainly has been a cool summer so far. And admittedly I much prefer this over a very hot summer like 2008. That year by this time we had already had 24 days above 80, 6 days above 90, and even 1 day above 100.


Happy springtime! If you were out Friday afternoon between noon and 3 PM you might have experienced it. Otherwise, springtime temperatures have been rather elusive this year.

March was a rather interesting month. We didn't hit 60 until the 31st, setting records in some spots for the latest 60 degree day. And virtually every day in March was at or below the average high. Even the 31st was only a few degrees above average.

But it was the incessant rain that was really impressive. It kicked off on the first with the end of storm that began on the last day of February. 2.19" of rain fell during that storm, although only 0.56" was technically in March. But that was just the beginning. I recorded rain fall on 29 of the 31 days in March. Including 24 straight days from the 7th through the 30th. I recorded 7.04" in total for March. Most days did not have a lot of rain, but I did have 19 days with at least a tenth of an inch of rain.

And I'll leave you with this note. The long range outlook for spring is for a cooler and wetter spring than average. I doubt it will be worse than last year, but it's possible. And we're certainly on track for it so far.